Top 10 BMX Companies

These are the top 10 BMX companies that I think are out there. What do you think? Leave a comment below.

10.  2 Hip Bikes

Two hip bikes are probably the most underrated bmx company out there because not allot of people heard of them and barely anyone has rode their bikes. Overall they have very strong and durable bikes.

9. Kink Bikes

Kink bikes are good but ain't great. I think of Kink bikes as a bike that will last a long time for a cheap price.

8. Subrosa

Subrosa bikes have a big following and for a good reason as they really stepped it up this year with their 2010 models. So overall if your going to get a subrosa check out the Pandora as thats one sick bike.

7. Hoffman

Everyone says that huffman bikes have turned into the cheap "kid" bikes and honestly that's partly true. Hoffman still has some sick bikes but it seems as time went on they began to target all the kids. Overall These are good bikes for a cheap price but some of these bikes have really weak frames.

6. DK Bikes

DK is a reputable company, they are considered middle level entry bikes and can be pretty good. They're usually a bit heavy (28 pounds in considered light for a DK) but overall if you need a new bike check out DK.

5. Haro Bikes

I love haro bikes and that's because I grew up with them. With haro the more you pay the more you get. Overall they are great bikes and I would recommended one to anyone.


4. Stolen Bikes

I recommend you getting a stolen if you are just starting to do bmx as they are great bikes for beginners. Overall they are cheap,lightweight, and most importantly durable.

3. Eastern Bikes

Eastern Bikes, one of the most respected BMX bike companies, has now ventured into the world of 24" and 26" bikes. all of their models are pretty cheap and everything they make is strong so if you want a good bike check out Eastern Bikes.

2. Fit Bikes Co.

Fit bikes are one of the best bikes you can buy. They have great prices and, they also do allot of sizes, looks, and parts so you will always end up "fitting" you perfectly. Pun aside overall if your looking for a good bike make sure to check fit out.

1. We The People

We the people bikes are both amazing and sick they are also a fan favorite with a huge cult following. Go on any BMX forum and start a topic about the best BMX company and I guarantee you that one person will say We the People. Why you ask? Because the look cool,they are durable, and honestly so many people like them that it gives all their bikes a huge hype.